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playing with words

A Second Retrospective
Songs from 2003 - 2006
Some of the basic tracks were recorded in the initial sessions for the first album.  Other songs were written subsequently and this collection too swelled to 22.  The album has additional instrumentation with more tracks having bass, harmonica and electric guitar and introducing cello to the songs for the first time.
Playing With Words


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1. Rise and Fall

12. Sotto Voce

2. No End of the Road

13. If Me No Buts

3. You Dance

14. Place in the Sun

4. Without a Song

15. Someones Eyes

5. Believe

16. Trusting Hands

6. Give a Life

17. Living Proof

7. Song from Sunnier Climes

18. Away

8. A Day Without Tears

19. Fist in the Feather

9. Appear

20. Kates Song (Christened)

10. Outside Looking In

21. Taste the Salt

11. The Man Who

22. Time to Say ‘Goodbye’

rise-and-fall-audio no-end-of-the-road-audio you-dance-audio without-a-song-audio believe-audio give-a-life-audio song-from-sunnier-climes-audio a-day-without-tears-audio appear-audio outside-looking-in-audio the-man-who-audio sotto-voce-audio if-me-no-buts-audio place-in-the-sun-audio someones-eyes-audio trusting-hands-audio living-proof-audio away-audio fist-in-the-feather-audio kates-song-audio taste-the-salt-audio time-to-say-goodbye-audio
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