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Whispers and Asides

A Third Retrospective
Songs from 2006 - 2011
All songwriters would like to think they improve with time and this collection reflects a more eclectic approach.  Folk, blues, pop and jazz influences are more in evident. Instrumentation again includes acoustic, electric and bass guitars, mandolin, cello, violin, banjo, whistle and harmonica but electric piano, accordion, mandola and clarinet are introduced for the first time.
Whispers and Asides


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1. Shadow On My Shoulder

11. Special Place

2. This Life Passing By

12. Losing Your Grip

3. Love This Life

13. They Do

4. Remember

14. Living For The Morning Sun

5. Little Things

15. Sunshine On You

6. Single Thing

16. Piece By Piece

7. Moonlight And Lovers

17. Silent Snow

8. Life Is Simple

18. Trick Of The Light

9. Walk You Home

19. Valentine

10. Release

20. Peace Be Upon You

shadow-on-my-shoulder-audio this-life-passing-by-audio love-this-life-audio remember-audio little-things-audio moonlight-and-lovers-audio life-is-simple-audio walk-you-home-audio relesase-audio special-place-audio losing-your-grip-audio they-do-audio living-for-the-morning-sun-audio sunshine-on-you-audio piece-by-piece-audio silent-snow-audio trick-of-the-light-audio valentine-audio peace-be-upon-you-audio
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