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the tracks you left behind

A First Retrospective
Songs from 1979 - 2002
These songs were recorded to mark David's 50th birthday: the studio time a present from PB, David's wife. Originally intended for acoustic guitar and voice, gradually they were supplemented by occasional additional guitar, violin, mandolin, mandola, whistle, harmonica, drum and backing vocals.
David was thrilled to have contributions from son Michael and friends Judy Dunlop, Richard Chappell, Paul Britland, Graham Hall, Jim Clarke, Steve Swallow and Tom Chester, who also engineered and mixed the album. The result is a delicate mix of songs of love and longing, loneliness and belonging, faith and redemption, life and death, and memory and indentity.
The Tracks You Leave Behind


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1. Slow Shoes

12. Alan The Birdman

2. Close My Eyes

13. When You Say 'Yes'

3. Hurricane

14. If Only She Knew

4. If I Knew You Well

15. Fat Cat

5. Comfort

16. You Can Go On Dreaming

6. Fall Down Like Winter

17. 100 Miles

7. Saving Grace

18. Go Lightly

8. Could It Be Me?

19. Anytime

9. City Streets

20. An Old Friend

10. Grateful For The Day

21. A Writer's Morning

11. Blue Horizon

22. I am On My Way

slow-shoes-audio close-my-eyes-audio hurricane-audio if-i-knew-you-well-audio comfort-audio fall-down-like-winter-audio saving-grace-audio could-it-be-me-audio city-streets-audio grateful-for-the-day-audio blue-horizon-audio alan-the-birdman-audio when-you-say-yes-audio if-only-she-knew-audio fat-cat-audio you-can-go-on-dreaming-audio 100-miles-audio go-lightly-audio anytime-audio an-old-friend-audio a-writers-morning-audio i-am-on-my-way-audio
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