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Lyric Library

Playing with Words

Rise and Fall

No End of the Road

You Dance

Witthout a Song


Give a Life

Song from Sunnier Climes

A Day Without Tears


Outside Looking In

The Man Who

Sotto Voce

If Me No Buts

Place in the Sun

Someone’s Eyes

Trusting Hands

Living Proof


Fist in the Feather

Kate’s Song (Christened)

Taste The Salt

Time to Say ‘Goodbye’

The Tracks You Leave Behind

Slow Shoes

Close My Eyes


If I Knew You Well


Fall Down Like Winter

Saving Grace

Could It Be Me?

City Streets

Grateful For The Day

Blue Horizon

Alan the Birdman

When You Say ‘Yes’

If Only She Knew

Fat Cat

You Can Go On Dreaming

100 Miles

Go Lightly


An Old Friend

A Writer’s Morning

I am On My Way

Whispers and Asides

ShadowOn My Shoulder

This Life Passing By

Love This Life


Little Things

Single Thing

Moonlight And Lovers

Life Is Simple

Walk You Home


Special Place

Losing Your Grip

They Do

Living For The Morning Sun

Sunshine On You

Piece By Piece

Silent Snow

Trick Of The Light


Peace Be With You